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Long Distance Jammer 6 – 18GHz

Product number: PKI 6965

With a bandwidth of 12GHz, our PKI 6965 Long Distance Jammer 6 – 18GHz is a high-performance jammer with optimized coverage. In the past, it was particularly difficult to jam transmitters and receivers in these high frequency ranges so that no communication between these units could take place. Our PKI 6965 Long Distance Jammer 6 – 18GHz now succeeds in optimally jamming this frequency range.

Frequency range6 – 18GHz
Power output120W, divided into 3 bands
6 - 9GHz, 40W
9 - 12GHz, 40W
12 – 18GHz, 40W
Dimensions48 x 14 x 31cm
Power supply24V DC
Antenna systemDirectional log-periodic antenna
Average amplification10 - 14dBi